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An introduction to botanical art

This extremely rewarding commission for Kew and Wakehurst involved me interviewing a variety of talented botanical artists and developing activities based on their work. I also interviewed a Kew scientist and horticulturist on how invaluable collaborations with a botanical artists are to their research.

Happily for me, this job combined copywriting and illustration as I developed a paint-by-numbers activity based on my own simplified illustration of the lady's orchid slipper Cypripedium calceolus to use in some botanical workshops that I led at both sites.

It was important to me that this family activity didn't focus singularly on children' interests, but had intergenerational appeal, and I think the photographs from the workshops in action prove that it inspired people of all ages to pick up a paintbrush!

You can read a selection of the proofs here:

Kew & Wakehurst Science Festival Activit
Download • 2.69MB

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