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Breaking news biodiversity report

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

It was such a privilege to work on this 'Breaking News' story, introducing visitors to highlights from Kew's world leading State of the World's Plantd and Fungi report.

You can read the full proof here:

Breaking biodiversity news by Harriet St
Download • 2.65MB

Here's a very personal, crowded collage to accompany this very public piece of writing.

An ocean teaming with biodiversity, a landscape crowded with people and pollinators, a photo of my husband on the day we first met, my 30th birthday, (and the friend who introduced us and organised a life changing walk with friends on the South Downs), an excess of people enjoying some fine, fleeting moments on Earth, which reminds me that we too are a species on this planet, with no prior claim to its resources than any other.

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