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Green and muddy fingers

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Harriet Stigner invoice header

I’ve just taken on an urban gardening project at the Three Stags rooftop in Kennington, a site where the Urban and Community Beekeepers already keep two hives and hold many of our team meetings.

My first project on Saturday was to spruce up some tired looking flower pots in the entrance, it was out with the anaemic pansies and in with some bee friendly lavender, surrounded by pink scabius, nemesia, and phlox. They should provide colour and pollinator forage for most of the year and be hardy enough to survive the odd tipsy punter stumbling into them. I interspersed these with sweet pea seeds that will spill out over the planters in a couple of months. The great thing about sweet peas is that the more flowers you pick the more will bloom so the pub can pop them into jam jars to bring the outdoors in too.

Here’s a watercolour header and footer that I’ve made for my gardening invoices, feel free to download them to brighten up your own letters (although not for commercial purposes, of course) –


By a happy accident that’s thanks to Jack’s calendar, it feels wrong to finish a post without a quote, so here’s one from the most inspiring gardening writer I’ve come across – Gertrude Jekyll. Her arts and crafts vision of a cottage garden where everything looks like nature’s work without man’s intervention is exactly what I hope to emulate, and perfect for the natural ecosystem too.

“The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies.”

Gertrude Jekyll, 1843 – 1932

Harriet Stigner invoice footer

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