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Spiny lobsters

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The Good Fish Guide recommends that America and Mexico provide the most sustainably sourced lobsters. In fact all the lobsters on their list have pincers, so the only way we Westerners should be enjoying spiny lobsters is through art.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be basking on a beach in the tropics and supporting a local industry, of course.

I’m down to my very last lobster teatowel, and thrilled this little Etsy venture has been a success. Taking the hit with personal funds to have hundreds of them printed last November made my stomach lurch, if only present-day-me could have reassured Autumn 2018 Harry – must remember this for the next risk I take!

Meanwhile, Project Oratsimba , the sustainable fishing project that these paintings were first made for, is going from strength to strength. Steve will be flying back to Madagascar later this year to train the local team on leading these activities independtly. I’m looking forward to sharing good news with the beekeepers out there soon too!

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