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Telling the story

Communicating the value of a sustainable livelihoods project like Project Renitantely is a complex challenge. The need for structured donor reports and formal funding applications is essential, but they don’t always tell the full story.

After carrying out extensive training and interviews in the field, it was such a pleasure to interpret the project in this You Tube video and give our beekeepers the opportunities to tell their own story.

The part that makes my heart sing is the interview with Josephine. Since I first arrived in South East Madagascar in October 2015, she has been the most outstanding beekeeper I’ve worked with. Originally standing in for her husband, the Chief Quartier of Sainte Luce, she proved to be a natural, motivated apiarist and continues to produce the most exceptional honey.


The first of Josephine’s honey harvests, which had a distinctive lychee flavour and water content of less than 17%

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