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Whose back is this?


My illustrations for Jane Stevens’ Fritto Miso feature have been re-published online for Modern Salt. I enjoyed re-reading her sometimes gruesome description of the surprise deep fried food, and the geometric shapes that inspired my illustrations.

“The whole meal picked away at that bit of the brain that wants to identify and categorise shape and pattern, like a small child sorting circles, triangles and squares. The kicking piles of frogs legs broke through that particular charm. But anyway, by that point, who needed food?

So the spinal cord , white and creamy within, like the brain, the testicle and the sweetbreads, lay there mostly unloved and unwanted, a bunch of fat brown spillikins. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it had it made its entrance earlier, perhaps I would still have been taken aback by its varied thicknesses, some a centimetre across. Whose and what backs are these? I do not deny it, I may still be haunted by the mad cow, the Gothic image clearly quite close to all of us. It was briefly discussed across the table and as quickly abandoned.”

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