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Writing interpretation for the Gruffalo at Kew

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed writing interpretation for a Gruffalo exhibition at Kew this Autumn (originally scheduled for Spring 2020 but postponed and tweaked for Autumn of the same year because of the Covid pandemic).

The visitor numbers were fantastic for this festival, and it's wonderful to think of all of the the families this drew out into the woods with their woolies and wellies!

My favourite part of this project was developing the activity handout, something to do with being an overgrown kid myself...

Please find the full proofs of this project below:

Gruffalo Kew and Wakehurst Activity Book
Download • 3.31MB

Gruffalo at Kew and Wakehurst written by
Download • 1.12MB

Gruffalo at Kew and Wakehurst panels wri
Download • 595KB

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